How To Travel Light & In Style

A concept in life we can all live by, if it weighs you down, cut it.  Who needs baggage anyways? A lot goes into getting out the door and carrying it all,  might as well air on the lighter side and make for an easy trip.

When I started having back pains and my travel mindset changed to reflect a  negative attitude, that’s when I took a closer look at my travel accessories.  I realized my bags were too heavy and I was packing too much!

In search for the perfect work and carry-on bag, I bought Kate Spade’s Cameron Street Lucie bag. It’s leather is light and stylish, the bag has good shape and a zipper, I can also throw my laptop in it. It rests perfectly on my Tumi Larkin luggage  which makes for a suitcase that is feminine, durable and functional.

My wallet and personal necessities go in my Louis Vuitton Crossbody Clutch which goes in my carry-on bag. This makes it extremely easy to transition from day to night and is much easier to carry while touring or dining.

Be simple and travel light while exuding personal style, don’t worry about packing everything, your energy is better spent on something else.

travel light 12.png


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