5 Money Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding

Weddings are super expensive any way you cut it. Just mention the word and the cost skyrockets. To have a nice wedding on the more traditional side there are certain things that you can’t negotiate or cut corners on. This is a guide on how to cut cost while still having the wedding you’ve dreamed of.

Let Family and Friends Help YouFriends and family alike will offer to do things along the way as a wedding gift. Now is the time to take the helping hand and embrace in it. The more you can check off your list, the better.

Save on Flowers and Wedding Decor- With the help of friends you can save over $1K on flowers by making your own table arrangement and bridal party bouquets. Costco sells bulk flowers at great prices, for example, 50 roses for $39.99. Use 6-8 flowers per arrangement and add greenery from your local florist, try Variegated Pitt with Caspia. The Dollar Store sells glass cylinder or fishbowl vases… voi! Another great option is to get seasonal, pre-arranged bouquets from Trader Joe’s. For the groomsman and special women in your life, Costco sells corsages and boutonnieres, 16 of them in any assortment, for $99.00. Small votive candles are a great low-cost option that add to any table decor, place them everywhere you can!

Cut the CakeWhile many wedding cakes can be grandiose, this is an area to trim costs. Do so by purchasing your cake at Publix Bakery. For my wedding size of 85 people, I got a 2 tier cake plus a 1/2 flat sheet that the kitchen cut ahead of time. Publix delivers the cake day of, their cake is always delicious and costs half the price.

Get a Single Photographer PackageIwent with George Street Photography, they shoot in over 40 cities. Their price, website and professionalism is A+. We all have a friend that is good with the camera, mine happens to be my sister, so I had her take pictures when the photographer was not around. Write out a detailed shot list and go over it with the photographer ahead of time. This helps to keep things organized and makes sure the most important shots are captured.

Turn to Groupon for wedding dealsLimo service, photo booth and dance lessons can be bought on Groupon at a discounted rate. Cross reference the vendors on theknot.com marketplace.

Limo and Photobooth.pngCheck out honeymoon travel guides here!

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