How To Eat Clean In 7 Simple Steps

Looking for a diet that works? Look no further. This isn’t a quick hit diet that promises 10 lbs. in two weeks. This is a lifestyle and if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, this is a great starting point. Amy Henry, certified nutritionist, has a strategy that is worth sharing and it combines eating clean with natural body balance. This is the Amy Henry guide, simplistic in nature, to being a wholesome eater and giving your body and brain what it needs to thrive.

Get back to the basics.  Eating clean means eating food that truly fuels our body, giving it the nutrients and vitamins it needs and not the preservatives and chemicals packed in our food today. If you continually give your body what it needs in effect it will crave the junk and processed foods less. By eating this way you will have more energy and feel more satisfied.

Pay attention to the labels on the food you buy. Basic rule of thumb, look to buy foods that have 5 ingredients or less, or at least ones you recognize. You’ll quickly see if what you’re eating is good for you. Our bodies know what to do with butter – it’s sweet cream and salt.  Our bodies do not know what to do with Promise Spread that has 21 ingredients.

Be timely.  Eat within an hour of waking up, preferably protein, carbs and fat together. Try eggs with cheese and a side of fruit or a banana. From there try to eat every 3-4 hours which means you must prepare!  Plan and prepare your meals so that if you’re at work or in the car, you can fuel when needed.  For example, 2% greek yogurt with berries and almonds is a great snack or try string cheese, turkey and some veggies on the side to munch on.

Go organic with meat, dairy,  poultry products and veggies.  When you buy USDA Certified Organic foods you can trust the farmer is adhering to federal guidelines on growing and processing food. The chicken you buy should be organic and free from antibiotics and your eggs and milk should be as well. Produce should be organic to keep safe from pesticides and chemicals and stay away from red meat that is not grass fed, instead always purchase organic grass fed beef that is free from rGBH.

img_8838The skinny on red meat: “Compared to corn fed cows, red meat that is organic and grass fed is actually high in Omega 3 fatty acids, lower in fat and is good for you! Cows are fed corn because it is cheap and they get bigger faster but cows cannot process corn as it is not natural to them to eat. As a result they have major stomach issues trying to break corn down and this leads to antibiotics being added to the corn.” – Amy Henry, certified nutritionist

Cut out the artificial sweeteners. They trick your body to think it’s getting sweet calories but because there are no calories involved, you actually start to crave more sugar and get used to a higher level of sweetness.  Splenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar.  Back off the artificial stuff and you will start to appreciate the sweetness from berries and fruit more!

Don’t be afraid of the healthy fats, they feed your brain.  Fats are so good for you and help you stay satiated so you are less hungry. Nuts, oils, and avocado all have the fat our bodies need, essential fats. Grab those nuts and keep some handy for when you are hungry rather than reaching for other snacks.

Minimally processed food is anything but minimal. Food should not deviate too much from its natural form, this leads to food with with more preservatives and fillers and less nutrients. When fat is removed from a product it has to be filled with something else (insert: sugar, chemicals, sodium) to bulk up the food and make it taste good again.

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